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Want a website? Want a new website?

Want to take control of your Digital Marketing?

We understand small businesses; this enables us to:

  • Help you derive a suitable business message that will ensure your website works
  • Create a website fit for purpose
  • Educate you & your staff in WordPress
  • Offer realistic pricing
  • Generate a 'do-able' Marketing Plan for your business

The website has finally come of age. Instead of website creation being the domain of technicians whose secret and arcane development processes cost you a great deal of money for a website that almost but not entirely meets your needs, you are now able to manage this very important sales and marketing tool yourself - using WordPress.

Having spent the last year and a half in detailed discussions with owners of over 150 small businesses, I discovered that a large number of them have two things in common - a lack of understanding of what a website can really do for them, and lack of funds to pay for a competent website. On top of that a good number of them had been fleeced by traditional website developers in the past. Imagine paying £2,000 for a basic 4 item menu website - the definition of Daylight Robbery.

Websites should reflect your business accurately. If your business can change quickly to meet new challenges, so should your website. Not only is it a sign that announces your existence to the world, it is also the public face of the business and needs to be kept up to date as with the rest of your business.

Relying on website support companies can be dangerous, they rarely respond to requests immediately, they schedule changes within their time frame, and they charge for even the simplest of changes.

Imagine cutting out this cost and time lag. In a modern business world, this additional cost and poor responsiveness is unacceptable – as it should be! Now you can take control of your website - making it responsive to market changes - you can even interact with your customers in real or near-real time (your choice).

There are a large number of aspects of your website you can manage yourself - SEO, keyword research, analysing your website's effectiveness, copyrighting, understanding how to get your message out there, interacting with the right social media (your digital marketing strategy).

While all this sounds like a tall order, especially if your business takes a lot of your time already - it can be approached little by little - I can show you how and build an appropriate plan that suits your business.

If you don’t have a website currently, get in touch with us and we will be happy to give you what you want – reliable hosting, a website at a very reasonable price, and the ability to support it yourself and make changes as you want and need (unless you want something else - let me know).

If you already have a website that may be old (more than 3 years old - a lot has changed in this time), poor in functionality and not delivering your return on investment, get in touch and we can talk about possible solutions that will meet your business needs.


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